Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving on to popsicles

The low point of today (April 19) would definitely be the moment I dropped my 2-year-old daughter into the toilet. No, the moment right after, when -- responding to her terror and sadness -- I scolded her for struggling so much when I was just trying to teach her how to use the potty and not need diapers, which were not only expensive, but had horrendous environmental impact, and that if she hadn't struggled at all, if she had just used the potty like she was supposed to, then she wouldn't have fallen in.

Or the moment right after THAT one, when I started crying, too -- about my sometime lack of patience, about my propensity to get very frustrated about inconsequential things, about the details: her little soaking wet bum, Bunny watching impassively from the step stool.

Most of the day was beautiful
-- breakfast together
-- the playground and the walk along the lake
-- lunch together
-- the folk fest (dancing)
-- walking back, TK dragging the bag with the popsicle box (okay, but then the tantrum about the popsicles when we got inside)
-- shrimp talk over dinner
-- popsicles outisde
-- sweet reading time

Okay, so motherhood is about forgiveness, and popsicles -- and all the sweet and sour in between.